Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Signs, Superstitions, and Omens - Week 2

It's time for our next installment of signs, superstitions and omens! If you missed last week's you can go here to catch up.

A sign is believed to predict the future but unlike the omen, signs do not foretell negative happenings.

  • Two blackbirds flying together is a sign of good fortune.
  • If a person's medicine has been spilled accidentally, it is a sign that he will soon recover. 
  • A bee that flies into the house is a sign that a stranger is coming. 
  • If a chair falls over as a person rises from the table, it is a sign that the person is a liar. 
  • It's a sign of good luck when your right eye itches.

A superstition is an irrational belief, usually arising from ignorance or fear, that is believed by a number of people but is without foundation. 

  • If you walk barefoot in the first snow of winter you will not catch cold all year. -submitted by Mary Blevins
  • If you leave a piece of tin on top of an ant's nest during the full moon it will turn to silver.
  • Placing a knife on the doorstep of the house where a birth had taken place will prevent witches from entering and harming the baby. (Scottish)
  • You should not wash a baby's right hand for its first three days of life or you will wash its luck away.
  • If a coal miner washes his back right before going to work, the mine roof will collapse on him.

Omen- a phenomenon that is believed to tell the future, which also signifies change...usually negative.

  • If a picture falls off a wall for no apparent reason, it is an omen of a coming catastrophe.
  • It is an omen of an extremely hard winter ahead if several plants come into bloom out of season. (I believe we're in for a bad winter, folks!)
  • See a butterfly at night? It is an omen of unexpected death.
  • A candle that has been put out but continues to glow is an omen of misfortune.
  • If a rooster crows as you leave to go on a trip, it is an omen of trouble.

I loved reading some of these that you shared with me here and over on Facebook.  I would love to hear any more that you happen to think of!