Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween - Spooky Signs and Omens

Halloween was always a fun time for me growing up. We would either dress up in something thrown together from around the house or we'd end up with the cheap plastic costumes that seemed to be so popular in the 80s. Remember those? My big brother is Scooby and I'm the Smurf. 

We'd jump in the car and head over to our grandparent's house & the houses of other family and friends. My Dad always made sure to take us to one house in particular. A lady that worked at our school cafeteria always made and gave candied apples and popcorn balls. That was Halloween GOLD back in the day. I don't even know anyone that makes either of those treats these's generation is missing out! 

I thought I would share a few of the spookier Signs and Omens to go along with this spooky night. I hope you enjoy them and you can find past installments here on my blog.

I found these vintage Halloween items in an antique store, Black & White Antiques, in Blairsville, GA.

  • Settlers would dress a child in clothes of the opposite sex as a way to confuse the devil. Some Irish settlers would do this until the children reached 14 years of age.
  • You shouldn't turn down the bed too early in the evening because it invites evil spirits to hop in. 
  • You should always check under the bed before going to sleep to make sure that the devil isn't hiding there.
  • Ringing a church bell can frighten off evil spirits.
  • If a flying witch hears the sound of a church bell, it will cause her to fall to the ground.
  • A birch tree planted beside the front door provides protection from a witch trying to enter the house. She will be drawn to counting the leaves before she can go in.
  • Dark birds that flock around trees but never land are said to be the souls of evil persons who cannot rest.
  • Placing bread and coffee under a house will keep ghosts from entering it.
  • A girl can learn what type of husband she'll marry by pulling up a cabbage by the roots on Halloween. If the roots are sturdy and straight, her husband will be handsome and strong. If they are crooked, he will be dishonest and cruel.
  • Chestnuts must be placed on a table on Halloween as a gift for the dead. This insures that the house will not become haunted.
  • If you're walking down a road on Halloween night and you hear someone walking behind you, you must not turn around because it may be death himself. 
  • Never go hunting on Halloween because you may accidentally wound a wandering spirit.
  • If you stop at a crossroads on Halloween and listen carefully to the wind, you may be able to hear what the future holds.
  • If a girl stands in front of a mirror on Halloween, eating an apple while combing her hair at midnight, her future husband's image will be reflected over her left shoulder.
  • An old Scottish superstition says that a young girl can count the number of grains on an oak stalk on Halloween to see how many children she will have.
  • Bleeding on Halloween is an omen that the injured person will die in the near future.
  • If the flame of a candle flickers and then turns blue, there is a spirit in the room.
  • If you feel a chill go up your spine, someone has just walked over your grave.
  • Hold your breath when you walk past a cemetery or you might breathe in the soul of someone who has recently died.
  • Not sharing your Halloween candy means you're greedy. Ha, I had to throw that one in there. ;)
I'd love to hear of any old Halloween superstitions or traditions that you've heard or observe! 

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