Thursday, June 13, 2019

Phrases Of Appalachia: Fit To Be Tied

Fit to be tied: An exaggeration referring to someone being so angry that they should be tied up to keep them from being aggressive.
Example: Tom was fit to be tied when he realized someone had shot his prize turkey. 

Just recently I wrote a blog post about a story that Granny had told me and while I didn't write the story down as she told it, I could almost hear her speaking as I recalled and typed it. "Fit to be tied" was a phrase that she used often and is something that I still say. 

I always try to add a picture to every blog post and as I immediately thought of this one of my son, Dude (not his real name). This was taken at our VBS when he was about 5 or 6 years old and from the looks of it, he was fit to be tied! There ain't no telling why he was so mad but he definitely was. 

If you are a visitor and hear someone use this phrase, proceed with caution! Other Appalachian phrases that refer to being mad: 

  • Ill as a hornet. 
  • Mad as an old wet hen. 
  • All riled up. 
  • Got my feathers all ruffled up.
  • All worked up. 
  • Having a hissy fit.
  • Pitching a fit. 
  • Got their panties in a wad.
  • Got a burr in their saddle. 
  • Puffed up like a bullfrog.
  • He's tore plumb outta his frame.
  • She's gotta a bee in her bonnet.
  • Mad enough to spit nails. 
  • Plumb fed up! 

    What are some other "mad" phrases that you've heard? 


    1. I ”Flew Mad"!

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    3. So mad I wouldn't spit on you if you was afire.

    4. I'll stomp him into a mud hole and walk it dry

    5. wouldn't give her air if I
      had her in a jug

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    7. If that don’t make a chicken scratchin and a pig rootin uphill backards!

    8. Blind in one eye. and can't see outta the other!

    9. Love these! Humm.. "Give 'em down th' road and told 'em what fer." (ran them off and told the reason)
      "Got their stinger out" (ready to hurt someone)
      "Creamed their coffee" (attitude change)

    10. My Mawmaw often said, "If that don't beat a hen a-rootin' and a pig a-pootin'!"

    11. Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou .

    12. What in Sam Hill are you talking about?

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