Thursday, November 24, 2016

In Every Thing Give Thanks

I decided to share a special guest post from Tennessee poet and pastor, Robert Fultz, in honor of Thanksgiving. Robert shares many of his beautiful poems over on Facebook at PreacherPoems and at his blog

Every day I think about
How good God is to me
A healthy body, thankful heart
My loving family.

I wake up thankful each new day
For blessings I've received
And every night when I lie down
Thank God I'm not deceived.

I know the Bible is God's Word
No longer I'm a slave
Through faith in Jesus I have hope
That goes beyond the grave.

Thank God for those who taught me well
This truth I can't deny
That Jesus died for sinful men
For such a worm as I.

I'm saved by grace through faith alone
His blood now covers all
What Jesus did on Calvary
Redeemed me from the fall.

So yes I'm thankful to the Lord
And thankful I'll remain
Until my last breath I shall draw
You'll not hear me complain.

~Robert Fultz, 12/15/15

Thank you, Robert, for allowing me to share your beautiful poem with my friends. I hope you and your's have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

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